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Hi Friends I wanna teach you how to get revenge from OWNERS and ADMINS and their ROOM and flood them at one time and make an explode. (For whose got harsh and kicked by the officials of the room
Follow these steps: 1. Login with bombus and join the victim room.
2. Now checked how many owners and admin in it. For example: there are two owner with the name nimbuzz2 and nimbuzz1, and one admin with name king-nimbuzz3. Notice: which owners and admins whose login with bombusmods are in the preference.

3. Now run your opera application (by mob or pc), and open 5 tabs on it and in each tab go to the address below:
4. Now in each tab fill in the blanks with your flood id information
5. Now in the 1st tab, write the first owner id (miss-nimbuzz1) in the"Target PV in Room"box. Then go to next tab and write the 2nd owner id(king_nimbuzz2), go to next tab and write the admin id(miss-nimbuzz3)

6.Do ready the next tabs for whose owners and admins that enter the room as soon as the flood start. Notice: if you have 200 ids flood, put 1 to 50(1-50) in the1st tab, 51 to 100(51-100) in the 2nd tab and 101 to 150(101-150) in the 3rd tab and keep the others for next.

7. Now every thing is ready. Start the 3 tab to flood at the same time. By this, the room and the owners and admins pvit get flood at on time. Watch as soon as 1 new owner enter the room quickly copy his id name and past in the new tabs that you make them ready before. While flooding , the owners and admins ids get dc and frezz and can't enter the room. HAVE FUN By khantabib

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Hacking room^latest trick2011
1) log in with an id on BombusMod , after that set join room setting on it and hold & minimize it. now log in with that id on nimbuzz Symbian or java

2) you need add target room to joined room history for this join that room for once !

3) now go to room history and try to join Target room for 5-6 time but dont join , for this select room and after 3-4 second select cancel !! do this for 5-6 !! Don't forgot this : TRY TO JOIN , NOT JOIN !!!

4) Its time to try build target room with Nimbuzz java or symbian !! do this and minimize nimbuzz than go to bombusmod and join target room , try to join it for 4-5 time !!! after it You will owner in that room

TRICK how TO hang id in chatroom very fast


1. open babynglier 1.7

2. click in account and edit RESOURCE= proxima-centroma

3. now save and login

4. click in conference and ROOM FLOOD, flood limits to 50 with nickname1= coolfusion

5. go back and logout..... then again click in "account"

6. edit RESOURCE= 2 and login in conference and ROOM flood, flood limits to 50 with nickname2= COOLFUSION

Check dis out

See STEP 4, nickname= coolfusion ( smaller case)

see STEP 8 , nickname=COOLFUSION ( uppercase letter)

now just change RESOURCE each time u you login to proxima-centroma1, proxima-centroma2 etc...........

and hang ids like that way ..............

u can hang MULTIPLE nick name by changing nick...



Delete and Lock and recreate your enemy's room
<iq to="" type="set" id="muc_owner"<query xmlns=""<x xmlns="jabberata" type="submit"<field var="muc#roomconfig_roomname" type="text-single"<valueROOM_NAME</value</field<field var="muc#roomconfig_roomdesc" type="text-single"<value</value</field<field var="muc#roomconfig_persistentroom" type="boolean"<value1</value</field<field var="muc#roomconfig_passwordprotectedroom" type="boolean"<value0</value</field<field var="muc#roomconfig_roomsecret" type="text-single"<valueURROOMPASSWORD HERE</value</field<field var="muc#roomconfig_maxusers" type="list-single"/</x</query</iq >

<iq id="NAME OF ADMIN" to="" type="set"<query xmlns=""<item affiliation="participant" jid=""/</query</iq >

script 4 owner to freeze rum
Put the name of your chatroom in place of ROOMNAME IN this script.. . . . Use with your Owner JID. . . <iqto="ROOMNAME@"type="set" 0773603198-trick- master="admin_ modify"><queryxmlns=" protocol/muc# admin"><itemjid="ROOMNAME@"affiliation="member"/ ></query></ iq><iq>to="ROOMNAME@"type="set" 0773603198-trick- master="admin_ modify"><queryxmlns=" protocol/muc# admin"><itemjid="ROOMNAME@"affiliation="outcast"/ ></query></iq> ENJOY. . .

-1.create a fakeroomof lockedroomby java mobile. Example: ifyou want to *h-a-c-k* a locked room INDIAN then create a fake room like INDIAN\. if the name created by some one then again create fakeroomlike \INDIAN and stayintheroom. Now minimise the nimbuzz java application.(insony ericsson mobile press and hold special symbolized back button. Then you vil get the minimise option, dont press on end application button. For nokia press and hold special symbolized menu button then u vil get minimise option dont press on exit.) login with anotheridby Bombus and enter the fakeroomwhich you created. And minimise the Bombus application login with your pidgin or exodas jar with the owneridof the fakeroomand minimse select the minimised nimbuzz java application and leave the fakeroomand again minimise the nimbuzz java application. select the pidgin or exodas jar application that which you logined with the fakeroomownerid. And then enter to the fakeroomthat you created. Then you must configure theroomwith tick on persist and then press on send button. You vil get newroomunlocked message. After that again configure with your desired password. Dont forget totick on persist and password login

Then press send.NOW THE ORIGINALROOMPASSWORD CHANGED TO YOUR FAKEROOMPASSWORD.Now enter to the ORIGINAL LOCKED room by fake room password as owner. ENJOY by khantabib

Hi friends its new tricks for room hacking

AT FIRST U SHOULD HAVE 2000 IDZ THAN open 4 windows of crime flooder. per Window put the 500 hundred idz (500x4=2000) idz than CONTINOUS 4 HOURS FLOOD in target room After 4 hours room destroy from server than recreat the room

Hi friends me going to share a new super fast room+pvt flooder best which can detect owner and admin idz and auto Fl@@d them.just activate pvt Fl@@d owner admin and get free from kick and ban.all owners admins present in room will get pvt Fl@@d.manually can be select victim idz.

Click here for download :
EAsy WaY To Hack AnY roOm's PaS.sword xD
An easy way to h**k or kn0w any chatr0oms pasSword just surPrise admin and ownerS

,1. u have to download & install Miranda heres the

2.login with ur nimbuzZ ID then bo0kmark any r0om U want,just enter the ro0m that U bo0kmarked to be sure that u bo0kmarkd it corRectly,

, 3. Lets say that owner lockd the r0om,

, 4. From Miranda just Enable XML consule

5.then log in with the id which U bo0kmarkd the r0om

6. While u loging in, in XML consule window it wilL show ur bo0kmarkd r0oms with their passwords :pThats it, n0w u knw bout the pasSword Lo0k how easy it is xD

download here miranda
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2012~nimbuzz room hacking 1001% working trick h*a*c*k any nimbuzz room with your bombus mode
Hey nimbuzzers this new way 4 nimbuzz rooms

1.Step logn ur bmbus thn bokmrk the target room dont entr

2.Step Open anthr bombus the sme id then bkmark target room then enter target room with first bmbus

3.Step entr with 2nd bombus and leve repet 10times and change status ofline

4.Step cut fst bombus use red buton

5.Stup make 2nd bombus status online auto join that room check out you are the owner of that room

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Created&Powerd by...............♫♥◦·.·´`·.♥KHAN♥.·´¯`·.·♪TABIB♫♥◦·.·´¯`· ♪♫♥◦·.·´¯`·.♥KEEPVISITING.Latest Downloads
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